TEDxUKM started out as just a mere conversation between these 4 friends but it will finally manifest into reality on 21st August 2021. After a 5-year hiatus, the Co-Curators decided to breathe new life into TEDxUKM and spread its name to a global audience. The Co-Curators are responsible for the entire operation of TEDxUKM literally from A to Z since its inception. But their hard work will be worthwhile if TEDxUKM can instigate positive changes in our local community by 'Inspiring Futures'.



Shun Yong is the license holder and lead organizer of TEDxUKM. He is an avid explorer of all things related to inner growth and self-development. On account of his interest, Shun Yong aspires to create a platform that helps the community to widen people’s perspectives through sharing ideas, stories, and experiences of others.


Shun Yong advocates the idea of pursuing discomfort and the need for people to go beyond their limits. He believes that the TEDx platform has the power to impact, refine, and change the landscape of our local community.

Thenesh Anbalagan is a final year law student at the Faculty of Law, University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). Thenesh is known for being a stoic who is self-driven and exceptionally hardworking. Thenesh is also very passionate about the law especially when it involves human rights, the constitution and also international issues. Thenesh believes sometimes the smallest actions or words of ours can make an impact and change the world. This drove him to join TEDxUKM and their mission to inject new ideas into its local community.




Tan Ray Ming is currently a final year law student in The National University of Malaysia (UKM). He is currently vice president of UKM Student Union from year 2019 which tasked to ensure the voices of student can be heard by the administration besides giving ideas and suggestions on policy making of the university be it academic or co-curricular initiatives.


Besides, he is also a student who are so keen in promoting the appreciation of Malaysian towards its national language. He represented the university in several national debate competition particularly in Bahasa Melayu as well as organized an international level debate competition recognized by the Malaysian Ministry of Education with a ultimate objective of embracing the critical analysis skills and strengthen the usage of national language among the youth. 


He is also actively participated in international mobility programs in several countries including Taiwan, China, Japan as well as engaging students from ASEAN Region to create a strong bond among the students.

Chien Chern is an ordinary fourth year law student from the National University of Malaysia who seeks to make a difference in this world like everybody else. But how does one leave a dent in the universe, that is the question. One day, it struck him that perhaps he should stop wasting time thinking about making a difference and just start doing things that excites him. With that in mind, he quickly signed up to TEDxUKM as soon as the opportunity arises for the simple reason that watching TedTalk on Youtube has always been one of the few things which excite him.