Established in 2015, TEDxUKM imbues progressive spirit found in UKM, and remains one of the most established independently organised TEDx communities in Malaysian universities. We ask pressing relevant questions that people are not asking and we chase them with a fierce appetite of intellectual curiosity that challenge the boundaries of conventional thinking.

We engage thought leaders who communicate extraordinarily complex ideas with elegant finesse. Many are notable recognised industry leaders and subject matter experts, and others represent the next generation of voices who shed light on unconventional ways of thinking outside the box and challenging the status quo. Change is scary and yet there is an urgency for a call to action. We push conversations forward in a way that is sometimes uncomfortable, yet that ultimately gestures in the direction of a future and a community we want to be a part of creating.


This year, TEDxUKM serves to revive, rekindle the spirit of imagination and re-imagination. Reimagination is an opportunity to think of new solutions and ideas with no boundaries; to amend, to redefine, to reform; to remedy; to revisit and to reimagine a future for future generations.

Perhaps it’s flying cars and robotic dogs, or perhaps it’s not, it is up to us, the imagineers. Now, it is high time to re-imagine our ideas: What does it mean to be a Malaysian? How can we have holistic growth in the nation? What are the scientific methods in promoting progressiveness? We need to address the past in order to reimagine a better future. Imagination requires meticulousness to tiny detail; and enormous courage to acknowledge what we did wrong. Hence, we ought to Re: Imagine.