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Tan Jun Jie

Tan Jun Jie or more commonly known by his peers as JJ, is a 3rd year Electrical-Mechatronics Engineering student from University Technology Malaysia (UTM). Hailing from the Pearl of the Orient, Penang Island, JJ was precocious in science and mathematics since his early days.  As such, it came as no surprise that he had won several scientific accolades during his schooling years. With his earnest passion in science and mathematics, JJ set his eyes to pursue his higher education studies in UTM which was regarded as one of the best universities in Malaysia in the field of engineering and technology. However, one other compelling factor that drives JJ to enrol himself in UTM was because of the renowned UTM Robocon Team that had quite the cachet in the robotic field.

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Jun Jie's Story

Since its inception in 2002, the UTM Robocon Team is a formidable force to be reckoned with as it had not only won many robotic competitions but it has also nurtured many prominent engineers and entrepreneurs throughout the years, such as the like of Tan Eng Tong who was the founder of Cytron Technologies. JJ found this intriguing and he seeks to immerse himself in the Robocon Team’s working culture in order to learn from these very best people.

In 2019, JJ was nominated as the President of the UTM Robocon Team. Despite being just a second-year student, JJ soon grew into his mantle and became the charismatic leader revered by his fellow teammates. His leadership shone when asked how he dealt with difference of opinions. JJ opined that every team member in ROBOCON Team deserves a voice as they are the assets and inseparable part for the success of the team. He was of the view that although team members may have a different opinion on a subject matter, all of them share the same goal which is to hoist the championship trophy in every competition that they participate. All they want is to help the team to progress and thus their opinions need to be greatly valued. That being said, this poses a difficult task for JJ as he needs to consolidate the different opinions into one viable solution for the problem they are facing. JJ’s unique approach to tame this cacophony is to see which opinions best align with the team’s objective or the problem at hand. However, this has its own sets of challenges as well for JJ needs to explain to every team member why he had chosen an approach over the others. In JJ’s view, everyone seeks appreciation and he believes by acknowledging his team members’ contribution, it will boost the team morale.

JJ’s journey in UTM Robocon Team was a fruitful one as he had not only grown as a person but as a leader as well. He hopes to leverage the skills and experience he gained from the Robocon Team and further expand it in his future career. Like many aspiring entrepreneurs, JJ seeks to empower the people around him and synergize their collective effort to create a greater impact. In JJ’s words, we need to “bring all people together, synchronise the effort and amplify it.”

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