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Discovery Series

Hop in to our podcast series to engage with ground-breaking topics in coherent with our main theme; Re:Imagine. Topics ranging from art to science and everything in between, presented by talented and bright Malaysians. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and learn something new with TEDxUKM.

Malaysians have Access to Education. Myth or Fact?

Education is the most essential to be aerned in the 21st century. We are living in the society whereby financial is the one of the keys to access education. Education is supposedly deserved equally to every human. Nelson sees there are a lot of young, bright and talented students, but they struggled to finance their education. He led a prjuect called 'Project ED', which had the noble goal of empowering students to pursue their dreams of enrolling in local higher education institutions. Lets hear what Nelson has to say by tapping the Spotify icon here.

Voyage of an Avid Reader to a Book Vendor

Before the start of a fantastic story, one must be brave enough to turn the page. For Rachel Ang who had been working in sales and marketing for 20 years - from jewellery to selling insurance, she already experienced enough to know that it is time for her turn to embark a new journey. Hence, 2016 marked the year that she decided to established an online bookshop called 'Books n Bob'. This is not just any bookstore where you often stumbled upon in malls that accomodate hundreds of fresh yet possesed strong chemical scents, Books n Bob is unique on its own way! Wanna know more? Tap the Spotify icon here.

Sentuhan Magis Penulis

Bermula perjalanan dalam dunia terbitan buku, Mustaqim Jiwa atau lebih dikenali dengan gelaran Jiwa, merupakan pengasas gedung penerbitan Nukilan Biruni dan penerbit buku 'Teruntuk Langit yang Bercanda'. Nama 'Biruni' dalam Nukilan Biruni dipetik sbegai titik permulaan beliau dalam bidang keushawanan. Katanya, idea penamaan ini diilham daripada tokoh cendekiawan dan ahli sains Islam - Al-Biruni. Keunikan dan kebolehan unggul dalam yokoh cendekiawan tersebut telah menggamit Jiwa untuk menggelar nama gedung penerbitannya sebagai Nukilan Biruni. Menarik bukan? Ingin mendengar dengan lebih lanjut? Ketahuilah bersama TEDxUKM dengan ketik pada ikon Spotify tersebut.

Embrace Your True Beauty

Embrace what you were born with because it's beautiful. Starting off with her own personal experience whereby not many people around her shared the same hair texture or someone who knew how to style her hair, Dr. Kharishma Menon, a curly hair enthusiast and a dentist did not give up on her hair. Knowing that there's potential in her natural textured hair, she decicded to be part of the solution by starting to cast around for useful information from overseas and thus the beginning of the first online curly community on social media - 'CURLrinting'.

Conceiving Footprint from the Past for Better Future

It all began with her love for history during her school days. However, young Netusha soon found that the mainstream narratives of history in our education system were racialized. The phenomenon appeared to be very jarring to Netusha. Her quest to search for answers on the existence of extreme racial streotypes in our history was futile, as many of her questions were not answered. Hop into this episode to hear more from Netusha by tapping the Spotify icon here.

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Rachel Ang: Voyage of an Avid Reader to a Book Vendor

Host: Seri Haidah

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