Nurul Shafikah Idris

Nurul Shafikah Binti Idris or better known among her peers as Shafikah, is a third-year Environmental Health student at the Faculty of Health Sciences, UKM. Hailing from the historic state of Malacca, Shafikah is the incumbent Vice President of the UKM Student Union (KMUKM) and also a former student of Permata Pintar Centre for highly talented and bright students around Malaysia. Throughout her time in UKM and in Permata Pintar, Shafikah Idris has gone on to hold various leadership positions and won numerous accolades in academics.

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Nurul Shafikah's Story

The main reason behind her participation in a myriad of activities is because she is an avid life explorer who believes that every challenge has its risk but the bigger risk in each of these challenges is to not give it try.

One of the most challenging experiences she has gone through is being a student representative under the recently revived KMUKM. It was a tough ride for her because student politics is not something students from her college and faculty that is the KL Campus of UKM are interested in. However, Shafikah believes that somebody must stand out and advocate for the needs of the students. As a very outspoken individual, Shafikah took the responsibility to bring the campus’s voice to the administration where she tried to fight for a change in curfew hour. Being a science and tech enthusiast, she envisions UKM in all three campuses to one day become a cashless society. With this and together with the support of a few of her friends, they successfully brought in Boost, an e-wallet cashless system into UKM.

For all of Shafikah’s accomplishments, the road was never easy. The number of challenges is massive but she truly believes that everything that happens there is a reason for it. She would never have experienced such an amazing journey, meet many different people and inspire the people around her if all that she wanted was to sit on her campus and be just that ordinary student.

Don’t worry about the risk, don’t worry about the toughness of the challenge, get yourself out of the comfort zone, and life will guide you to accomplish your passion, your goal and your interest. If there is one advice Shafikah could give to the next generation of UKM students, it would be, “You should never fear if you believe you are doing the right thing.” 



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