Alongside @ odysseystudioasia, the Media Team was the people behind the creative design of TEDxUKM. With both teams working in tandem, they manifested abstract design ideas into visual wonders, thus assuring our audience an immersive vibrant experience on 21st August 2021.

“Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth”. Haniss Haidi is a bright Political Science student where she lived her life by the famous Abraham Lincoln’s quote upon elucidating what is the true meaning of good politics. Haniss dons many different hats; she reads Foreign Affairs magazine during the day, at night she is a graphic designer. 1 part leader and 2 parts inventive. Par trop?


A town girl with much passion in photography and surprisingly pursuing a health science degree in her university right now. Not your average girl, she is definitely much extraordinary than how her name stands, which some might refer as the plain old duplets, 'Qi Qi'. She loves how her life is, and sometimes, believes in faith. Cooperative, helpful, and cheerful in short. Thankful for this opportunity from the TEDxUKM team. Say cheese! 

Qi Qi


Kaniemozhi is a 00’s kid in the guise of a reluctant adult with an edge of artistic personality.  Learning law in lectures and tutorials just 3 foot away from her bed wasn’t her initial plan either but she’s accepting it and trying to make the best out of it. She's the kind of person who laughs at her own jokes and tries taking filmy shots as a hobby which gives her a dopamine rush and a taste of satisfaction. She rejoices an early morning hike filled with soothing sounds of nature and sun shining on her face while exchanging some thoughts with a friend on anything at all! (sounds filmy enough?).