High Committee

An event like TEDxUKM requires the synergy of various departments to pull it off. This is where the High Committee comes to play as they serve as the backbone of TEDxUKM. They spearheaded the management of various teams and keep tab on their day-to-day operation, to ensure TEDxUKM can provide our audience with a pleasant experience on 21st August 2021.

Ainaa Syafiqa tries her best to be the person that she really want and to let people know the qualities that she have. She is eager in learning new things, interesting things such as dancing, singing and also leadership. Because she believes that, we don’t know what the outcomes if we don't make a try. So grab any opportunities or chances that had been given, and let yourself shine. And she would die for a cheesecake and coffee.


A chemistry student who loves to explore and try her best doing new things in her life, that’s how Fatin Jazmina describes herself. She would spend her free time by trying some random recipes on her social media timeline. “Nothing worth having coming easy” is the word that she lives on because she believes nothing in the world is worth doing unless it means effort, pain and difficulty. 



Qussiynur Yakin is a student at The National University of Malaysia majoring in Law Degree. Her main passion was half in leadership and the remaining was volunteering. At 18 she actively involved in various events and programs and was given an opportunity to hold an important role. She is recognized as a leadership icon for UKM residential college. She demonstrates a well dynamic and interesting way of leadership and always motivates her colleagues. Since then, Qussiy developed specialties in leadership skills, marketing strategy, and also editorial planning. While studying law, she managed to monitor multiple projects simultaneously and efficiently. Worry not, she is good with maths and money too!

After 23 years of unpaid internship as a professional nerd, Ooi Zi Jie desperately tries to fast track the innovation process in order to live in a world filled with robotic dogs. He also has a sweet spot for coffee and good memes. 

Zi Jie