Throughout the past year, the Editorial Team has been working hard in the curation of speakers' contents to give you the best experience on the 21st August 2021. And we are proud to announce that we have a variety of speakers from different fields in line to share their ideas.

Hollis is a physics student who enjoys the world of philosophy. He kept on curious about what's beyond something and why something is happening. To discover the wonders of the world, that's where his first footstep towards his science studies journey began. He's a book worm too. Looking at the artwork of people's writing gave him a notion of the author's perspective. He believes that everyone in this world is capable of being a success person because success is a choice. 


Confused about what she wants for her future, instead of going against the law, Hanan Amir decided to walk side by side with law by studying Forensic Science. Her goal in becoming a holistic go-getter is further pushed with her involvement in leadership avenues, volunteering to teach arts and also being a part of the creative community itself. Though being involved in these different mediums could trigger confusions for her future liability, she still finds the most comfort and peace in the entomology lab with her passion focused on the biodiversity of forensic importance insects.


Hailed from the most hated and stereotyped state in Msia, yes you've guessed it..., Aiman Danial Dazuki is quite an exception. Once dreamt of being a secret agent, but due to fear of being casted out from the family, now I'm studying law, with the ambition to bring law to the lawless. Apart from watching movie, I am also keeping an eye on you all to be featured in Discovery Series and that is the main reason Im here.


Jia Wei is a chatterbox who by mistake entered law with an initial belief (told by her father) that practicing law is all about talking non-stop. As she begins to realize she is in the wrong direction and there is no turning back, she aspires to be either the first-ever comedian with a law degree or a joker in the courtroom. Apart from screwing up in law studies, She is now on the quest in search of audiences for her lame jokes. After all, She enjoys telling jokes and watching smiles spread across faces more than anything!

Jia Wei

Qi Yau