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Flipping Pages Harvesting Dreams

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Before the start of a fantastic story, one must be brave enough to turn the page. And for Rachel Ang, who has been working in sales and marketing for 20 years—from jewellery to selling insurance—she already experienced enough stories to know that it is time for her to turn onto the next page and chapter in her life. So in July 2016, she decided to turn into a new chapter of life. The new story she has been looking for and thus the beginning of an online bookshop called Books n Bobs. But this is not just any bookstore like the one you often stumbled upon in malls that accommodate hundreds of fresh and strong chemical scents that can only be found from the crisps of many new books, Books n Bobs is unique. 


Moments before the idea of Books n bobs came to mind, an avid reader, Rachel often scoured around the internet for cheaper alternatives to buy books. Instead of spending extra money buying them from well-known chain bookstores, she opted to buy them from social media such as Facebook or from friends and family members. Along the way, she realized that there are many people who are just like her online, and there could be a business opportunity there for her to explore. 


So from that point onward, her imagination begins to become the start of her realities. Starting from Facebook and by selling her own personal collection of books, she slowly worked her way up to establish her own brand identity as a second-hand bookseller in the bibliophile community until three years after that in March 2019, and with the help from her husband, Steve, Books n Bobs finally has its own official website. The couple worked for many months in order to get the website running smoothly and ensure the books arrived safely in the hands of their customers. It’s a beautiful thing when career and passion come together. And Rachel is definite proof that there is no limit to the human imagination that sometimes enables us to achieve way beyond the pages of books.


A milestone journey toward accomplishing a goal is not an overnight success, and it requires effort and dedication. "Take one step at a time," Rachel advised young entrepreneurs who were starting on the same page as her. Most importantly, you're making progress, which is worth celebrating even if it's only one step forward. Rachel is keen on looking forward to pushing Books n Bobs beyond the boundaries; who knows Books n Bobs might have a book café one day?

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From tiny communities to major metropolises, bookshops may be found all across the country. Many individuals prefer buying and reading conventional printed books to electronic books, audio books, and digital periodicals, despite the advent of these technologies. Opening a bookshop requires less capital than opening a store since it may be done in various ways. And for book lovers like Rachel, owning her own online secondhand bookstore is like a dream come true. As an independent business owner, she shared her own stories and struggles in re:imagining her own ideas of conventional profession and all the while conquering the impossible—putting dreams and imagination into the hands of many bibliophiles in Malaysia who all shared the same views; every book deserves a second chance at being love in a new home.